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Only a year with the Azaan .Considerable progress has been observed .
Abhay Bhatia
Student name -Azan Bhatia
Thanks to teachers ,Kaori could get settled down the new life in Mumbai .
Natsumi Hashimoto
Student name -Kaori Hashimoto
Bun was happy to visit Beaumont school.Thanks for taking care of him.
Dai Ogawa
Student name -Bun Ogawa
He has developed well from the school.His teachers did take care of his needs.He was happy coming to school.
Pritish Koroth
Student name -Kiyansh Koroth
It's really excellent experience .
Ahmad Al Ghamdhi
Student name -Khaled Al Ghamdhi
We congratulate Beaumont on a fantastic annual day event. It was well organised and well thought of. Our ward is shaping into a confident young girl.
Chintan Shah
Student name -Trishaan Shah
At the outset, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you on the occasion of Dia's graduation at Beaumont HFSI Pre Primary School.

Our choice of school was one that would work on building skills beyond academics, safeguard the basic humane qualities from unnecessary aggressive competition and at the same time enable children to become conscious world class citizens. Dia's first two years at school bear testimony to this fact and Beaumont HFSI's philosophy of education is the best we can relate to keeping in mind the holistic development of our children.

We vividly recollect Dia's first day of online school as she embarked on her educational journey. Both her pre-primary years, virtual and day school, were a fun filled experience and were full of delight in learning. Regular school days added the element of being together in school with other children that built further camaraderie.

We are confident that Dia's promotion to Grade I will give her an opportunity to not only strive for academic excellence but also immerse herself in a tightly-knit student community of intelligent minds at HFSI that will shape her future.

We would like to thank you all once again for being the guiding light, for all the care and affection that Dia will always treasure. Last but not the least, a big thank you for the painstaking efforts and the unstinted support to create such an enriching educational experience.

Aradhana and Abhijitsinh Jadeja
Student name -Dia Kumari Jadeja
We congratulate Beaumont on a fantastic annual day event. It was well organised and well thought of. Our ward is shaping into a confident young girl.
Sripriya Venkatesan
Student name -Esha
I must congratulate you on the huge success of the event. It was a treat to watch all children perform and put on an amazing show.
It's not easy to handle one, make them listen and with so many being perfectly coordinated clearly demonstrates the hard-work behind.
My daughter Hruthvi from Jr kg was super excited for her 1st annual day since the day she was given her own "dialogue", thank you for grooming our kids at an early age to perform on stage and speak up.
Congratulations once again.
Very good experience .The teaching methodology was very nice and the teachers were able to pivot to online teaching very well.
Neetika Bhatia
We are highly satisfied with the standards maintained by Beaumont .Teachers are extremely helpful & good.
Pooja Kanwal
 Good School.

  Nidhi Yadav
Katiyar    We had a great experience in Beaumont .My daughter loves going to school and spending time with    the teachers.
   Pallavi Katiyar
It was a wonderful school with very patient teachers.We had half of the year online and since we saw the teaching styles of teachers we were very impressed .Reva learned a lot in the 1year of school .The premises of Beaumont are fabulous and Reva loves the rainbow stairs .
International board education that is followed helps kids develop in a wholesome manner.
Smriti Tiwary
    Teaching was excellent teachers were good and sensitive to the children's needs.Teachers engaged     the children well .
    Rajiv Sjeja
Yukako Fujiwara Hello.
I hope you are all doing well.
With all the teacher's great efforts, Yui had a wonderful school years, JKG & SKG. Even now, she sometimes mentions about Beaumont and remembers the exciting days she spent in the campus.
Since online classes started from last June, I always sit next to her to help her and could see all the activities and studying. I was amazed how children were educated well and each topics were very matured. for example, photosynthesis/carnivore and herbivore, all those words are used in elementary school in our country, so Yui had a difficulty to understand even in her native language, but children here could catch up with the words, so I was very impressed.
All the teachers tried to teach children in easy way so that children could follow and tried to listen to every children and let them speak out their opinion.
That's great things I was impressed, too.
Yui once told me that Beaumont campus has lots of fun items and gym she could enjoy with. She also loved the colorful campus.
Thank you all so much for 2 years.
Definitely Yui's experience spent at Beaumont could be a treasure moment and guide her to the best way.
Wish you all a good health and good luck.
We would like to visit you once campus is opened.
Take a good care.
Best regards
Yukako Fujiwara
We spoke the other day and I would like to express my thoughts here as well. Firstly wishing all of you a Happy Teachers Day and I want to thank all of you for such awesome work that you do everyday with our kids.
I would specially like to thank you Benaifer Ma'am , Renu Ma'am and Dunota teacher for the great work and immense patience you have had with our kids in this difficult time.
I can tell you all the parents are extremely appreciative of the same.
While I can never say any teacher is better than the other, but Renu Maams way of dealing with kids has stood out for me in all the three years Ekakshaa has been with HFS International.
She is so kind and gentle and so warm I must mention her that she stands out for me.
Benaifer Ma'am I want to thank you specially also for always being available for parents and kids. There has never been a day you have not helped. And your leadership of guiding teachers and students through this new and tough phase is unmatched. Thank you so much.
And a massive thank you to Principal ma'am for having faith in her team and her children that they will sail through this time and with flying colors. Every word she spoke has come true. That is what an experienced and confident educator, leader brings to her pupil.
Thank you once again for everything,
Hope to see you at school very soon.
Kind regards,
Adira Thakre We are very pleased with Beaumont international school's teachers and staff who have always been so friendly , helpful and professional. My elder daughter expressed separation anxiety in early days and we were extremely nervous during her admission in school . Beaumont teachers' personable and dedicated approach helped my daughter and in no time she started loving her school, teachers and friends. With this experience , it was obvious for us then to put our younger daughter in Beaumont. The school has structured activities and personal attention to each child , so we have watched the confidence grow and new skills developed in our daughters. Overall I am very happy with the environment provided and progress made by both daughters.
Many thanks for the opportunity to provide our feedback.
Best Regards,
Deepti Thakre, Parent of Adira Thakre (Beaumont Pre Primary Junior KG)
To whomsoever it may concern,
Our overall experience with Beaumont, its teachers and staff has so far been truly satisfying. The holistic approach has helped my daughter to learn as well as express herself with more confidence and enthusiasm. The positive attitude she has developed towards learning new things can be attributed to all the academic, physical and SEL (social-emotional) activities organized at the school .
Thank you for all the support.
Kanan Shah, Parents of Kimaya Karthik Shah
Kimaya Karthik Shah
Ayansh Savla My son ayansh hardik savla is from jr. kg morning batch.
I am happy with the teachers the way they make sure to spend individual time with each child making sure no kids are left out.
The lesson plans & curriculum of the month July - my 5 senses were out of expectation. The whole of the information was new to them. I was pleased by every step the way it was taught. The way concepts were cleared for our nursery kids via craft , activities art worksheets was fantastic. It was a super interactive, informative & creative month.
Revision and repetition via questionnaire was nicely planned.
The experiment and daily life activity was too well performed.
The use of arts and crafts to teach has really been excellent
The atmosphere is well thought out.
Looking forward to more such interactive and new concepts.
Thank you.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and the school for conducting the online classes for Jr.Kg kids too.
The concept of online classes being entirely new for the kids, parents as well as teachers, I must say the teachers Tina ma'am and Olivia ma'am have done an extremely commendable job of keeping the kids engaged for the entire duration of the class.
The kids are enjoying the online videos and songs.
The teachers are also very encouraging and appreciative towards the kids and also make sure that everyone is at par while completing the worksheets.
I would also like to thank the school authorities for taking into consideration the parent's views and not splitting the class into 2 batches.
Thank you so much and looking forward to a fun and amazing year ahead.
Rachana Doshi
Parent of Neil Doshi
Jr.Kg. morning batch
Neil Doshi
Samarthaa K I have always held Mrs.Kalyani ma'am in high regards. We appreciate efforts taken by her team under her guidance. Your virtual edu system in this period of crisis has helped us to keep kids engaged proficiently.
My daughter enjoys & learns at her sessions from the comfort of her home. More importantly they needed this basic social interaction with their teachers and friends.
The team is working hard accepting the scrutiny. We thank you for organizing and planning curriculum so precisely, including speciality classes. The spirit of the class is kept alive so well.
We would be happy to continue virtual schooling as long as every thing outside is settled be it for 1 year or more.
Stay safe , Take care & warm regards .
Dr Sonali
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