Admissions open for Toddler to Senior Kg. 2024 - 2025.

Beaumont HFSI Pre Primary- Activities and Events Calendar

Beaumont HFSI Pre Primary- Activities and Events Calendar 2023-24

Dates of Events and Activities are subject to change based on circumstances.
Semester 1 Events
June 2023 Theme-Beaumont- My School
15 Thursday Teachers return to School
20 Tuesday Parent - Teacher Meet and Greet
22 Thursday School reopens for Beaumont HFSI Pre-Primary
28 Wednesday Bakri Eid Celebrations
29 Thursday Bakri Eid/ Eid al Adha Holiday
July 2023 Theme: Seasons in the Sun
14 Friday Purple Colour Day- Students to come dressed in Purple and bring along purple food /toys
29 Saturday Muharram
August 2023 Theme: Let’s Celebrate
01 Tuesday International Day of Friendship (July 30)
14 Monday Independence Day Celebration – Students to come dressed as Freedom Fighters and present
15 Tuesday Independence Day- Holiday
16 Wednesday Parsi New Year-Holiday
17 Thursday Parsi New Year Celebrations
Students will explore Local National and International Festivals-expat students
September 2023 Theme: Marvelous Me and My 5 Senses
05 Tuesday Teachers' Day Celebrations - Holiday (Students)
07 Thursday Janmashtami Holiday
08-14 8th Sep International Literacy Day (UNESCO) Beaumont’s Book Week - Events in collaboration with Scholastic Scholastic's Book Fair
14 Thursday PTM
15 Friday Founder's Day Celebrations
17 Sunday Founder's Day
19 Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday
21 Thursday International Day of Peace (UNESCO)
28 Thursday Anant Chaturdashi/Id-E-Milad - Holiday
29 Friday Yellow colour Day Students to come dressed in Yellow and bring along yellow food /toys
October 2023 Theme: Plant Kingdom Food and Nutrition
Field Trip to a Garden (Theme Related)Date to be announced
02 Monday Gandhi Jayanti- Holiday
03 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations- Celebrating the life of Gandhiji- Father of our Nation
23 Monday Navratri Celebrations- Dandiya day. Dress- Traditional clothes
24 Tuesday Dussehra- Holiday
November 2023 Theme: Animal Kingdom
08 Wednesday Diwali party- Students to come dressed in party clothes and bring along food to share
09 Thursday Diwali Holidays Begin
12 Sunday Deepavali / Diwali
21 Tuesday Diwali Holidays end
22 Wednesday School Reopens after Diwali Vacation
27 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti- Holiday
28 Tuesday Guru Nanak Day Celebrations
Semester 2 Events
December 2023 Theme: Animal Kingdom (Continued) and Joy of Giving
Let’s experience the Joy of Giving- Donate-Clothes/books/Stationery- Ongoing Entire month Sports Day- Date to be announced
08 Friday Human Right’s Day (10th Dec- UNESCO)
21 Thursday Christmas Celebrations- Students to come dressed in Christmas Colours- Red/White/Green
22 Friday Winter break begins
25 Monday Christmas
January 2024 Theme: Community Helpers
01 Monday New Year
03 Wednesday Winter Break Ends
04 Thursday School reopens after Winter Break
Community Helpers- Guest Speakers/Visitors- Ongoing
Field Trip -Theme related (Date to be announced)
25 Thursday Republic Day Celebrations- Republic Day Parade, students to come dressed in Tri coloured clothes- Orange/White/Green
26 Friday Republic Day- Holiday
February 2024 Theme: Transport and Communication
14 Wednesday Grandparents day Celebrations
19 Monday Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti- Holiday
21 Wednesday International Mother Language day (UNESCO) students to come prepared and sing/speak/recite in their mother tongue
22 Thursday Pink Colour Day- Students to come dressed in Pink and bring along pink food and toys
March 2024 Theme :Our Universe, Lets Reduce Reuse and Recycle
08 Friday Maha Shivratri Holiday
11 Monday Blue Colour Day- Students to come dressed in Blue and bring blue food and toys
18-22 Scholastic Book Fair
21 Thursday World Poetry Day (UNESCO)- Students to come prepared and Recite a poem of their choice
22 Friday PTM
25 Monday Holi- Holiday
26 Tuesday World Water Day (UN - March 22) Holi Celebrations
29 Friday Good Friday - Holiday
April 2024 Theme: Our Universe – Lets Reduce Reuse and Recycle
08 Monday Beaumont's Talento Blast -Annual Day
09 Tuesday Gudi Padwa- Holiday
10 Wednesday Idul Fitr - Holiday
11 Thursday Gudi Padwa, Cheti Chand and Id Ul Fitr Celebrations
14 Sunday Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
16 Tuesday Senior KG's Graduation Day
17 Wednesday Ram Navami - Holiday
21 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti
22 Monday Earth Day Celebrations (UNESCO)- students to come dressed in Green, bring – green food, toys, objects Let’s go Green- Class Party
26 Friday Last Working Day for Students

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