Admissions open for Toddler to Senior Kg. 2024 - 2025.
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  • Create love for learning.
  • “Hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence”
  • Character formation cannot be taught
    It comes from experience and not from explanation - Maria Montessori
  • Pre-School Preparation
    “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
    - Aristotle
  • Growth to Global Citizen.
    “Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically
    possible for human development to occur.” - Maria Montessori
  • Personal Attention.
    “Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge,
    but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials.”
    - Maria Montessori

Congratulations India's School Merit Awards 2021-22

We are proud and pleased to announce that ‘Hiranandani Foundation School International’ is Ranked No.16 in India, No.7 in Maharashtra & Ranked No.6 in Mumbai. Category- ‘India`s Top 20 International Board’ in a survey conducted by EducationToday in 2021.

Top Schools & Pre-School in ‘International, Boarding, Day cum Boarding, CBSE, ICSE, State, Boys & Girls’ category have been selected out of over 1428 Survey Forms received by the team. The schools have been categorized under 15 Parameters i.e., Academic Reputation, Teachers' Advancement & Well-being , Co-curricular Education, Sports Education, Digital Learning Advancement, Student Advancement & Mentoring, Leadership in Quality Management, Parental Engagement, Future-Proof Learning Infrastructure, Value For Money, Community Service, Holistic Education, Psychological Well-being of Students, Individual Attention to Students & Integrated Learning. India School Merit Awards, 2021 are based on Jury Rating, Parent’s Votes (76,738 votes) & EducationToday Team Analysis (Perception based, Survey & Nomination based)

School Achievement Announcement

We are proud to announce that ‘ Beaumont HFSI Pre-primary, Powai, is ranked India's #10 Maharashtra's #3 & Mumbai's #1 in Campus design Excellence in the Education World Preschool Grand Jury Awards 2020-21‘.
A Grand Jury of well-informed educationists and educators rated and ranked over 1,000 nominated (self or third party) schools in 12 categories of 21st-century education excellence – Environment–friendly Schools, STEAM Education Excellence, Excellence in Blended Learning, Campus Architecture and Design, Social Impact Award, Emerging High Potential Schools, Extraordinary Leadership, etc.
The EW Grand Jury Awards have been instituted to felicitate schools making extraordinary efforts to introduce innovative 21st-century practices in primary-secondary education.
Hearty Congratulations to all !


Hearty Congratulations to all !

We are proud and pleased to inform you that ‘Hiranandani Foundation School International’ is Ranked No.15 in India, No.8 in Maharashtra & Ranked No.7 in Mumbai. Category- ‘India`s Top 20 International Schools’ in a survey conducted by Education Today from 3000+ schools across India.

Education Today Accolades Principal Of Beaumont HFSI Pre Primary

Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, Head of School, HFS International has been recognized as a "A Future 50 Leader Shaping Success" for successfully building a Comprehensive School Ecosystem and making students Future-ready.

About Us

Pre-Primary at Beaumont is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

At Beaumont we use a curriculum based upon time tested educational methods and scientific observation of children's learning processes. Guided by the discovery that children are able to teach themselves, we have designed a well- prepared environment in which children can freely choose from a number of developmentally appropriate activities. The goal is for students to discover the answers by using the 'auto didactic' or 'self correcting' materials, provided. The Montessori approach emphasizes learning through all five senses, not just through listening, watching, or reading. Coupled with other internationally recognized, well tested curricula, the children in the Beaumont classroom are able to learn at their own individual pace and according to their choice of activities within the classroom, all guided by experienced English-speaking teachers. Learning is an exciting process of discovery leading to: concentration, motivation, self-discipline, critical thinking, International Mindedness, and a love of learning. Our program offers an exciting education that would assist the child in all aspects of International Life.

Pre-Primary teachers are responsible for a child's first education experience, so their role often stretches beyond just being a teacher. Their teaching focuses on introducing basic subjects and concepts, such as colors, shapes and basic math, but also includes encouraging social skills and student participation.


Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik

Here at HFS International we believe in fostering International Mindedness and help in bringing out the best in every student so that they walk out of this institution as caring young people with the sole aim of creating a peaceful world based on mutual respect and understanding...

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Ms. Binaifer Gagrat
Center Manager

Ms. Binaifer Gagrat

Binaifer Gagrat comes with a rich pedagogical experience, gained by, working with prominent International Schools and teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities. She has contributed towards curriculum development on a regular basis and has also headed and participated in the various committees set up for IB and CIS authorization and reviews.

She is dedicated towards fostering a positive and collaborative school community by encouraging students to be life long learners and also caring and socially responsible participants, both in the community and in the larger world.

India's top promising preschools in the Education World 2018-19.

Congratulations to Beaumont Pre Primary! Beaumont HFSI Pre Primary- Powai, Mumbai, has been adjudged among India's top promising preschools in the Education World Promising Preschools of the Future Awards 2018-19 (Category- Innovative Curriculum).

A jury of well-informed educationists and educators assessed over 300 nominated preschools in 10 categories of 21st century education excellence. Ms Binaifer Gagrat- Centre Head, attended the award ceremony which took place on 19th January 2019 in Bangalore.

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